Our Inspiration

The survey we conducted among thousands of organizations and professionals in the rural and urban area, made us realize that the organizations were lacking staffs and professionals were unaware about the vacancies in their locality. We have our proposals based on our 6 years of investments to wrap up the concept with the statics from our survey.

How We Mark A Difference?

We provide a virtual connection between the professionals and organizations. Udyomitra provides a right path for recruitment. It not only enhances the companies at the urban areas, it also promotes the companies at the rural areas and thus helps to result in the rural development and defeats unemployment.


  • Idea strike for our project.

  • Initial survey of rural area employability.

  • Stepped up to organization survey.

  • Kicked off with a team strength of 5.

  • Project Implementation

  • Started off with a team of 10 players.

  • Completed phase I of Udyomitra

  • Had a team of 14 members.

  • Entrepreneur India 2016 - Pullman Aerocity, Delhi

  • Completed Phase II of Udyomitra

  • On completion of phase I had a team of 18 players..

  • Launched Udyomitra phase I

  • Completed 1000 registration in Udyomitra.

  • Gathered a team of 33 players.

  • Completed 10000 registration in Udyomitra.

  • Gathered a team of 64 players.